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Quaker Mania

Quaker parrots (aka Monk Parakeets) rule the world!  Or at least they THINK they do,  just try telling them otherwise!  While there can be no mistaking who is the boss in a home that includes a quaker, their charm, cleverness and affectionate natures make them endearing companions none the less.  Quakers originally hail from  southern Brazil and northern Argentina.  While no one really kmows for sure, the general consensus is that the wild quakers found in the USA originated in a shipment of wild-caught quakers that somehow escaped.  The hardy little parrots multiplied and due to their ability to survive in cold temperatures and build nests from twigs, they are now a delightful feature in several States.  Previously, there was only one native parrot to the USA-the Carolina Parakeet which was hunted into extinction in the early 1900's.  Although not a native American bird, the quaker brings renewed hope that wild parrots will once again fly freely in the USA.

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