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Living with Quakers
So you think you have what it takes to be a good Quaker slave?  Sharing your life with a quaker can be a real challenge.  They can be very jealous and usually bond to one person.  They aren't the noisiest parrot you can have but they do have quite a shrill call which may be disturbing to the neighbors.  They purr like a kitten when they are happy and content and can also make a cute trilling chirp to indicate their pleasure.  If you win a quaker over, you have a friend for life.  They will cuddle with you, steal your lunch and rule your world. 

Quakers need a large cage with plenty of room to exercise.  They also need plenty of outside time to fly around.

They also like to sleep in a tent or happy hut and need plenty of toys to keep their active little minds busy. 

Foraging toys go down well and they also like shredders.  For a good assortment of toys,  please check out the Perch Store in our Links page.


Quakers like to bathe often, so you will need to accommodate them with a mister bottle, small bath or shower perch.  My quaker, Chaska likes to jump in the kitchen sink when I am changing the water bottles. 

Quakers can be very cage territorial and sometimes bite if you stick your hand inside.  If they have an aviary like the one Chaska shares with 15 other small parrots, they usually get along with the other birds as long as they have their own space.  I know of several quaker/nanday conure couples and these two species are found together in their natural habitat in southern Brazil.  One of the most unusual pair bondings I have ever seen is a quaker and a hyacinth macaw at the bird park in Iguassu Falls, Brazil.

Chaska gets cozy with Ixchel, the Nanday Conure

Unusual pair bonding between a quaker and a hyacinth macaw at the Parque das Aves, Iguassu Falls, Brazil
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