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Quakers in the Wild
Quakers are native to northern Argentina and southern Brazil.   One of the easiest places to see them in their native habitats is the Pantanal region of Brazil.  These photos were taken just outside the Caiman Ecological Refuge which is reached through Campo Grande.  They share their habitat with nanday conures, blue-fronted Amazons, maximilan pionus and hyacinth macaws amongst other birds.  They live in harmony with other birds and eat fruit, seeds and nuts.

You don't have to leave the USA to see wild quakers.  No one is sure how the quakers escaped but the main theory is they escaped from a cargo facility while being imported into the USA before it became illegal to import wild caught birds.  Over the years, escaped pets have added to the population and they can now be found in many areas of the USA. 

These photos were taken at Brooklyn College, New York.  The quakers have built nests in the giant light fixtures at the football field and also in nearby power poles.  They have been the subject of much controversy over their nest building in power poles.  For more details, please visit our Links page.

These photos were taken in Edgewater, New Jersey where there is also a thriving community of quaker parrots. They are often called monk parakeets.  They can be seen easily at Parrot Park.  For more details, please see the Edgewater Parrot site on our Links page. 

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